We are so excited that H-1B grantees now have access to the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration’s performance reporting system, Workforce Integrated Performance System (WIPS), and successfully submitted the Quarterly Progress Reports (QPRs) for the quarter ending December 31, 2017.

To support grantees, the H-1B Performance team has provided a variety of performance technical assistance resources found on the H-1B Performance Reporting Resources page.  You may notice that the H-1B Performance Reporting Resources page has a new look!  We’ve reorganized it to make it easier for you to find the information you need.   The  DOL-ETA WIPS page also provides the latest WIPS technical updates and user guides.

The H-1B Performance Tip Sheet: Workforce Integrated Performance System (WIPS) serves as an additional performance reporting resource for H-1B grantees. This Tip Sheet provides grantees with specific strategies and recommendations for using WIPS, based upon both the H-1B Performance Team’s experience with the system and the challenges experienced by H-1B grantees in submitting data. This Tip Sheet answers common WIPS-related questions and serves as a quick reference guide for H-1B grantees to refer to before consulting the handbook, webinars, tutorials, before consulting the more in-depth TA resources.

This H-1B Performance Tip Sheet will continue to be updated as more tips are identified. Currently the document addresses the following topics:

  • Submitting Data Files in WIPS
  • Preparing Data Files
    • Data File Format
  • PIRL Data Element – Code Values
  • Resolving Data File Errors
  • Generating a Quarterly Performance Reporting (QPR) form

If you want to provide your own WIPS TIPS, please share your experience with your fellow grantees using this discussion thread: WIPS TIPS: H-1B Performance Reporting Peer-to-Peer TA.

Discussion Topic

WIPS TIPS: H-1B Performance Reporting Peer-to-Peer Technical Assistance

Post 1:

  1. Preparing Data Files
    1. Do you have any tips on preparing your data files?
    2. What case management file do you use to collect your participant data?
    3. How do you export your data?
    4. Share any tips and tricks on how you are preparing your data file here!

    Post 2:

  2. Resolving Data File Errors
    1. What were the most difficult and/or most common data file errors that you encountered during the 12.31.17 QPR submission process in WIPS?
    2. How did you correct data file errors? This can include valid values, duplicate, or logic errors. Please refer back to Amended ETA-9712 DOL PIRL for H-1B Grants (Tabs 3-6) to recall specific data file rules.

    Post 3:

  3. Generating a Quarterly Performance Report (QPR) form
    1. Did the outcome totals in your QPR form reflect what you originally expected for these outcomes?
    2. When reviewing the aggregation rules in the Amended ETA-9712 DOL PIRL for H-1B Grants (Tab 7) could you follow along with the rule definitions to understand how they were calculated? If not, which rules were difficult to understand?
    3. Please share tips for how you reviewed your .csv data files to tally expected aggregate totals. Did you simply count totals or are there other steps in your internal system?