H-1B America's Promise

AP Discussion

Initial thoughts - Career Pathways in America's Promise Grants


Author: Kevin Mauro

Created On: 12/1/2017 9:20:34 PM

Consider the following discussion questions:

What are your initial observations regarding participants' entry into
and advancement along your proposed career pathway(s)?  Some labor
markets can shift quickly;  are your
original plans for placing program graduates still valid?  What if
any adjustments have you had to make to your proposed career pathway(s)
since the start of your grant, and why?

In some career fields,
there has been a pivot towards competence over credentials.  Are you seeing this happening in your
respective sector(s)?  If so, what are your recommendations on how best to
address these issues?

What are the most profound
lessons you have learned in the implementation of your career pathways, and
what would you do differently?