This resource provides a list of all available TA resources that have been created for the America's Promise Grant program. As new resources are created they are posted on the America's Promise CoP.  There are several different methods for providing TA. The list below describes the different types.

Updated: February 2021


  • Brief – a resource that is 5 pages or less and provides an overview of a topic.
  • Toolkit – a resource that provides strategies, grantee examples, and related online resources.
  • Conference Materials – agendas, highlights, presentations and handouts created for America’s Promise conferences. 
  • Directory – a listing of programs or individuals with contact information.
  • Guide – a resource that provides strategies as well as an overview, generally in the 10-page range.
  • Handbook – a longer resource with detailed information on a topic.
  • Infographic – a visual designed to present data through graphics. 
  • Tip Sheet – a list of tips or a checklist for grantees to follow.
  • Webinar – a presentation created or captured for online viewing.
  • Virtual Event – an interactive meeting to facilitate peer-to-peer sharing.