This resource highlights templates and documents that America’s Promise grantees have found valuable within their organization. These templates were collected from grantees in an effort to archive resources that other programs may find useful. We hope you will find these resources an effective way to operationalize policies and procedures as you continue to sustain and improve your programs. 


Most documents include contact information so you can reach out with questions on how the document has been used and any lessons learned. 


The templates are divided into four categories.

  • Career Pathways and Resources: These templates illustrate how you can work with participants to explore available pathways in the field of Advance Manufacturing and Information Technology. These pathways and resources can also be a model as you assist your participants in their individual career paths.
  • Partnership Information: These templates can help you and your team examine the return on investment of each partnership. The templates provide examples and forms that can be customized in sustaining partnerships as well as assessing your organization’s current partnerships while providing strategies for better ways to work together more effectively to maximize the impact of the partnership.
  • Communications and Program Promotion:These templates demonstrate how some grantees are promoting the America’s Promise program to potential participants, community partners, and other stakeholders.
  • Participant Tracking: These templates can assist caseworkers in tracking participant outcomes and provide templates for an incentive program. If you do not already have an approved incentive program, please reach out to your Federal Program Officer for approval.